October is Respect Life Month

We are pro-life!

We must build a culture of life where every person is welcomed, protected and loved as a child of God, from the first moment of conception to one's natural death. Let us love and cherish each other, as Christ Jesus loves and cherishes each one of us.

Here some links to check out throughout the month: Also throughout the month, Lucie Weir will provide us articles right here to engage and educate us on the issues. She begins with "Be Not Afraid."

Be Not Afraid

This is the official theme for Respect Life Sunday(1), which is always celebrated on the first Sunday in October. In fact, October is Respect Life Month. If your church isn’t celebrating life this month ... find another church.

I never thought here in the United States of America that any citizen would be afraid to take a stand for life. It’s the first inalienable right mentioned in the Declaration of Independence and we, as Americans and Christians, have the right and the obligation to defend it. If we do not, it could be taken from us. We are living in a time where the 1st Amendment(2) is under attack along with common sense, civility, morality, basic science, and possessing a spine. Why are we so quiet when we should be up-in-arms?

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