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Belloc vs. Tolkien: 2 Views of Anglo-Saxon England

Picture the scene. An expectant audience, which includes the great Catholic writer, J. R. R. Tolkien, awaits the arrival of another great Catholic writer, Hilaire Belloc, the latter of whom has been invited by the University chaplain, Monsignor Ronald Knox, to give a talk to the Catholic chaplaincy at Oxford University. Seated just behind Tolkien as Belloc gives his talk is the celebrated Jesuit, Fr. Martin D’Arcy, who records what subsequently transpired in his memoirs ...

Beauty Will Save the World

"His music gets inside of you so that you become the amplifier for it." So said my mother as we were driving home from a family gathering not long ago. Roo Panes’ latest album, Quiet Man, played on the stereo system. My mother’s comment struck me as unexpectedly profound. Having been an admirer of Mr. Panes’ music for some time now, I was pleased to see someone else share my deep appreciation for his lyricism ...

Jared Staudt on Belloc and Dawson

In the latest Faith & Culture Podcast, Jared Staudt and Joseph Pearce discuss history and education in the light of the works and words of Hilaire Belloc and Christopher Dawson.