Pray for Bishops

The Church scandals that have come to light the past few months have left many Catholic laypeople and faithful clergy feeling angry, disillusioned, and unsure of what to do to bring about change.

Turns out we have some powerful tools from God: prayer, fasting, and prayerful action. Many Catholics are praying, fasting, letter writing, and engaging in public demonstrations. God is hearing our heartfelt prayers, and He is starting to clean house.

A group of lay Catholics have launched a new website to encourage faithful Catholics to "spiritually adopt" a bishop to pray for him:

Prayerfully consider visiting the site and pledging to spiritually adopt a bishop. If you complete all the steps on the website, you will combine your prayer efforts with some letter-writing action.

Bishops need our prayers and will benefit knowing that we are praying for them—prayers for their return to the promises they made when they were ordained. You can choose to spiritually adopt any bishop on this website, including bishops who have upheld the faith and have protected their flock from predation, as well as bishops who have failed.

Many of the egregious abuses against children and adults could have been limited or prevented if the bishops had acted.
Prayerfully consider participating and passing along the effort to family and friends.

Visit the Site