Will You Take Part in the First FemCatholic Conference?

The first FemCatholic Conference will be a time to ignite the conversation on faith as well as women's issues. Whether you're getting a group together to attend, or just want to help promote this platform for empowering women, there are a number resources available to stay in the loop on this awesome event.

The FemCatholic Conference is a platform for education, connection, and activation to make the world and the Church a better place for women. And to explore how the Church and the world can be bettered because of the contributions of women! In its inaugural year, it will bring together men and women to further what St. Pope John Paul II called for: “a campaign for the promotion of women.” Speakers will include Simcha Fisher, Claire Swinarski, and Meg Hunter-Kilmer.

FemCatholic Conference: For Women, For the Church
Saturday, March 2
Loyola University, Chicago Campus
Agenda & Speakers
Facebook Event

Ticket sales end Feb. 15 but might sell out before then.

There's also a promo pack available to easily share the event. Start being a change agent right now by grabbing one or two of these resources and sharing with your fellow parishioners. Or even just with your friends on Instagram! Inside the promo pack is:
  • Printable conference poster (co-ed)
  • Printable conference poster (for women)
  • Newsletter/bulletin write-up
  • The FemCatholic Conference logo
  • Social media graphics

Empower yourself to activate your own God-given gifts for the betterment of your community. Because women matter: in the Church, and in the world.