Church will be closed until further notice

Governor Pritzker has just announced a mandatory shelter-in-place order for the State of Illinois.  What this means for our parishes is that effective 5 p.m. Saturday, March 21 through Tuesday, April 30th

Cardinal Cupich has ordered:
  • All churches and adoration chapels must be closed and locked until the order is lifted by the governor. Private prayer in any parish building must be discontinued until the order is lifted.
  • There can be no live Stations of the Cross or any other gatherings anywhere on parish/school property, nor can any parish personnel be involved in organizing them on any other site.
  • All weddings and baptisms must be postponed and can be re-scheduled only once the order is lifted. There are no exceptions to this, regardless of the size of the group. However, in case of an extreme emergency for baptism, please seek the permission of your bishop.
  • Funerals and wakes must be postponed until the order is lifted.
During this difficult time, I will be offering daily Mass for your intentions and the ones in the Mass book. Several Masses have already been recorded and will be uploaded to our website every weekend.

Holy Week Masses and Services will be posted on our website. 

The church office will be closed until further notice. It is encouraged that any parish business be conducted over the phone rather than by visiting the rectory.

Because our parish survives only because of your generosity, we hope you will consider making your Sunday offertory donation online this week and perhaps going forward. We ask that you please use the following link to make your donation:

You may also place your Sunday offertory envelopes in the church office mail slot. 

Thank you for your continued generosity to the parish.

We will continue to keep you informed as new information is available.

Please pray for all those affected by this situation.

In Christ,

Fr. Aschenbrener