Join us for Sunday Mass

Please click the image below to register to attend Sunday Masses.

We can only have a certain amount of people at each Mass, which is why registration is necessary.  You can also call the front office to register for a Mass.  Immediately after Mass your names will be discarded. 

Please note the following requirements if you choose to attend Mass:
1.)  Please wear face masks while inside the church
2.)  Please maintain six feet or further distance from each other and sit only in the assigned spaces in the church
3.)  Please exit the church immediately after Mass as we need to clean the church between Masses
4.)  Please do not congregate, socialize or linger before or between Masses.

These important guidelines must be followed if we are to be allowed to continue having Masses in person on the weekends.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

Please remember that those with chronic health conditions are advised to remain home and watch Sunday Mass on WGN TV Sundays at 9:30 a.m. or watch online by clicking the image below.